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End Road Dust Kick up Once and For All



Quality Focused

Dust Abatement

Whether it's from our options of 100% organic plant-based product, an engineered modified asphalt emulsion, or how we care for you and your property. Our Mission is to be the utmost best at ending your dust problems, regardless of whether it's a short driveway, miles of roadway, or a multi-acre lot. We are the only dust control company that has the exact product for your needs and are proud to serve you. 

About Our Services


The Best Product Selection

We've spent more then 20 years figuring out the best process and solutions for Dust Abatement. Both our options of Lignin and Earthbind ® 100 have no harsh chemicals, smells or issues. Learn more here

Durable for all vehicles all season

Whether it's for an industrial lot, a private residence, or just a place you want to keep dust-free for the season we can get your needs covered. We've helped everyday people, businesses, government contracts, truck lots, and more for the past 20 years.

Simple Non Intrusive Installation

The process is as simple as this:

1. Setup an appointment

2. Our truck comes by and sprays the area.

3. You can immediately drive on the product. Can be fully dry in 2 hours on a hot summer day.

Leading Customer Satisfaction

We make sure our promise holds true. We are here to eliminate your dust issues for the whole season. We continually raise the quality of our product and service every single year to maintain that. 

A Solution You Can Trust


Lasts All Summer Season

Hassle-Free Application 

Safe for Animals, Plants, and You

Our Happy Customers

“Been working with Mike for multiple seasons now and my driveway has never been better. This product works!”

Dara and James

Contact Us


Interested in seeing a video + pictures of the product and process? 

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